There are many misconceptions where ED is concerned. In order to help you figure out fact from fiction, here’s the truth about some of the more common ones.

ED Myth #1 – It’s all in your head.
While ED can have a psychological component – depression, anxiety and stress all play a role – ED usually has a physical cause.

ED Myth #2 – ED only affects older men.
Men of all ages can suffer from ED, though the condition does become more prevalent after age 40. A recent study found that among men aged 40 to 70, approximately half have, at some time, had a problem achieving and/or maintaining an erection. Although the rate of ED increases with age, aging itself does not appear to be the cause. Rather, age-related illnesses such as high blood pressure are reasons ED is more prevalent in older men.

ED Myth #3 – You’re too old to be interested in sex.
Canadians are living longer, fuller, healthier lives and numerous studies have shown that an active sex life is a very normal part of aging. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship.

ED Myth #4 – If you have heart disease, sex can trigger a heart attack.
Heart disease is a serious medical condition that needs to be monitored by your doctor but it doesn’t always mean you can’t enjoy sex. Your doctor can determine if you have reason to be concerned about this, so be sure to check with him or her first. And if you think your ED may be related to your heart condition, there’s no better reason to talk to your doctor. Most men who are treated for heart disease can also be effectively treated for ED.

ED Myth #5 – The first ED treatment you tried didn’t work so the others won’t either.
If you don’t get the results you expected, it’s important to try again another time. If you still don’t get the results you expected, talk to your doctor to determine the dose or treatment that’s most appropriate for you. It’s important to remember that most cases of ED can be successfully treated no matter what your age or the cause.

ED Myth #6 – I can handle this on my own.
Unfortunately, treating ED requires more than willpower. ED is a medical condition and responds best to the proven medical treatments that are available through your doctor.