There are many sources of calcium supplements, but Coral Pure Calcium is one of the only supplements classified as both eco friendly and organic. Coral calcium is derived from fossilized coral reefs. The human use of coral reefs as a source of minerals dates back to ancient times, around the first century A.D.

By the 9th century marine organisms, including corals, were found to have and be used for their medicinal value. Only within the past twenty years, however, has calcium derived from coral reefs been made into a form of dietary supplements called coral pure calcium supplements, which contains seventy-two trace minerals and magnesium.

Rather than hurting the coral reefs, the harvesting process of coral calcium removes the sand around the coral that inhibits growth.

Coral reefs are legally protected for environmental preservation, so coral pure calcium does not come from living coral reefs. Rather, it is collected from coral sand which has been deposited at the coral reefs’ base. Therefore, gathering coral calcium does nothing to alter or harm the reefs’ environment and remains an eco friendly process.

In reality, the deposition of the coral sands at the base of the reef actually inhibits the growth of the coral reefs. Harvesting coral sand from areas around the corals reefs actually benefits future reef growth. By using careful harvesting techniques strictly supervised by the Japanese government, the coral sand is collected and processed for consumption. Once this sand is removed by harvesting, the reefs flourish, showing that coral calcium supplements are organic and eco friendly.

Wrap-up of eco friendly coral calcium
The actual harvesting of the coral sand is conducted by gravel mining vessels which use a sand pump to vacuum up the granular fossilized reef coral from the ocean floor. This material is passed directly through a separating sieve onboard ship so that only grains of a specific size or less are collected, while the system returns the coarser particles to their original location on the ocean floor. Coral sand processed as food grade or a food additive grade material is the product used to create Coral Pure Calcium, an organic and eco friendly product.

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